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SFA Awards 2016 Showcase

Pictured is Michael Doyle AIB with Stephen Dowling from Dunmasc Genetics. Dunmasc Genetics are currently finalists in the 2016 SFA Awards, with the presentations in early March. This comes off the great year had by Dunmasc Genetics in 2015 where Dunmasc won multiple awards.

Dunmasc Genetics

UCD Students DIY AI Course Ireland

I would defifently recommend this course. I found it very satisfying been unable to feel anything and to finish feeling quite confident in being able to AI cows. Donal Doyle, 4th year Vet Student UCD.

Dunmasc Genetics

UCD Veterinary Student DIY AI Training Testimonials

I would recommend the course to anyone with a love for all things bovine. Stephen & Liz were very knowledgeable and helpful all week and just great teachers. We had an excellent variety of cows and plenty of numbers to work on. Cormac Dolan, 4th yr , Vet Student, UCD.

UCD Veterinary Student DIY AI Training Testimonials

Would definitely recommend this course to everyone in the future. I cannot believe how much I have learned over the last few days and how supportive, friendly and helpful both Stephen and Liz were to us. Thoroughley satisfied and feel more confident handling and inseminating cattle. Aoife Dowling, 4th yr, Vet Student, UCD


UCD Veterinary Student DIY AI Training Testimonals

Lots of cows for everyone to practice on, Stephen was very patient with everyone and created a relaxed atmosphere that made it very easy to learn. Danielle Cusack, 4yr Vet Student, UCD

DIY AI Training Courses Ireland

“I found the ai course to be of great benefit to me. I would recommend the training course”. Adrain Seale, Jan 2016. Laois


AI Training Ireland

DIY AI TRAINING DECEMBER 2015 Myself & my son Adam have just completed a DIY AI Training Course with Dúnmasc Genetics. I would like to thank Stephen & Hugh for their encouraging advice during the week long course. I was delighted to see the improvement and the confidence Adam gained during the week. The care […]


AI training Ireland Testimonial

“I have completed my ai training with Stephen and David and I would like to put the following on record. They both command a knowledge of their subject of greater than 100%. They watch out for those who may be struggling. They are polite, kind, professional, patient, realize people learn this skill at different speeds […]

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